9 May 2013

All time favourites

Ever fallen in love.....

Sarah Moon. Fashion 3, Chanel. 1997.

... with a picture? Because I have. 
Frankly, I am not very into music. There are some songs I do like a lot but to say that I love them would be an exaggeration. Whereas there are plenty of pictures I remember seeing and my immediate reaction was: "Oh, I love it." 
That's what happened when I saw the image above for the first time and still happens each time I see it. I cannot tell you exactly why. It is obviously beautiful. Still, there is something about it I cannot describe. You might call it punctum. When I close my eyes and recall it - these red nails are etched in my memory.          

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  1. As i recall that wasn't your immediate reaction when you saw me for the first time...